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Alta Marfa

2021 Sandstone

2021 Sandstone

Facts About Wine

Winery: Alta Marfa
Type: red
Varietal: Tempranillo
Region: Hill Country
State: Texas
Tasting Notes: 100% Tempranillo | Robert Clay Vineyards | Mason County Strawberry, clove, cranberry, Old Bay, cedar chest. Robert Clay Vineyards continues to exemplify quality farming. Their vineyard is surrounded by massive oak trees, full of roaming chickens and geese, and studded with wildflowers; it is truly a special place. 'Sandstone' is part of a set of 3 distinct wines, each one from a unique vineyard, each in a different growing region of Texas. The same grape variety, the same winemaking practices, and each one a totally different expression of Tempranillo. Get all 3 to taste the terroir of Texas: Limestone, Sandstone, and Volcanic. 98 cases produced Label Art by Maklvane
Alcohol Content: 10.9
Pairing Suggestions: Grilled Teres Major, braised short rib, sauteed mushrooms
100% Texas Fruit: Yes
Bottle Size: 750ml