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Rustic Spur Vineyards

2021 Mourvèdre Rosé

2021 Mourvèdre  Rosé

Facts About Wine

Winery: Rustic Spur Vineyards
Type: rosé
Varietal: Mourvèdre
State: Texas
Tasting Notes: This beautifully colored rose is peach hued and exhibits a nose of pear and fresh herbs with a hint of apricot. It is a medium bodied dry wine with no sugar but a definite fruitiness. The flavors are a mix of ripe pear, orange zest, and dried apricot with thyme.
Alcohol Content: 13.5
Pairing Suggestions: Cheese and charcuterie board, which is always a stand by for me when I want a rose wine. You’ll certainly want a creamy Havarti cheese, prosciutto and dried apricots on the table, along with any of your usual favorites.
100% Texas Fruit: Yes
Bottle Size: 750ml