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Alta Marfa

2021 Limestone

2021 Limestone

Facts About Wine

Winery: Alta Marfa
Type: red
Varietal: Tempranillo
Region: Sutton County
State: Texas
Tasting Notes: 100% Tempranillo | High Cross Vineyard | Sutton County Blueberry, forest floor, light earth. This unique vineyard is surrounded by cedar, mesquite, and fossil-studded limestone. Sheep graze this vineyard in the dormant season, giving life to the soil. 'Limestone' is part of a set of 3 distinct wines, each one from a unique vineyard, each in a different growing region of Texas. The same grape variety, the same winemaking practices, and each one a totally different expression of Tempranillo. Get all 3 to taste the terroir of Texas: Limestone, Sandstone, and Volcanic. 71 cases produced
Alcohol Content: 10.9%
Pairing Suggestions: Roast Chicken, spicy food.
100% Texas Fruit: No
Bottle Size: 750ml