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2020 Belle Melange

2020 Belle Melange

Facts About Wine

Winery: Whisper Path Cellars
Type: white
Varietal: Blend - White
Region: Texas High Plains
State: Texas
Tasting Notes: 71% Roussanne/29% Viognier. Named "A Beautiful Mess," this white blend is our summary of the year of 2020! Made with 100% Texas grapes, this wine is a wonderful Rhone white blend combining the crispness of Viognier with the velvety mouthfeel of Roussanne. Though dry, the aroma and abundant fruitiness gives just a suggestion of sweetness.
Alcohol Content: 12.9%
Pairing Suggestions: Pair with dishes with stone fruit. Consider chicken tacos with mango chutney, pork loin with peach reduction, herbed goat cheese on a crostini with a slice of dried apricot. Or, just enjoy it poolside this summer!
100% Texas Fruit: Yes
Bottle Size: 750ml